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Matt Ganim...Piano Man
Matt has a gift to get everyone in the room into the same zone and entertain everyone with his expert piano playing as well as his fun nature. All 9 of our family and extended family went to the Schooner Bar on the Allure Of The Seas every evening he was scheduled and spent every evening singing along as well as enjoying the atmosphere he created with everyone in the room. It only takes once to listen to him play and you will be hooked in. NEVER a disappointment….
Jason Lawson Royal Caribbean Guest
An A plus entertainer. Matt has the unique ability to bring together an audience. What a gift he has in playing, storytelling and entertaining. Ruthie Zagrabski - Royal Caribbean Guest
Matt is a talented musician who entertains and connects with the audience in such a personable way. A true professional who makes you feel like he’s your best friend. If you have the opportunity to see him  – Don’t miss the opportunity.
Grant Davey - Royal Caribbean Guest
“   We   had   our   whole   family   on   the   Allure   Of   The   Seas   Feb   2017.      There   are so   many   things   to   do   and   see   on   that   ship.   My   husband   and   I   went   every night   to   hear   Matt   play   and   one   by   one   the   rest   of   the   family   would   join us.   He   is   amazing   and   we   miss   him   still.   It   is   a   rare   talent   to   be   able   to entertain people from the ages of 16 to 83. ” Betsy Robinson Wilson - Royal Caribbean Guest
“   Matt   is   an   amazing   &   talented   performer. His piano playing, singing & audience interaction     makes     for     an     unforgettable experience. You may start the evening as strangers    sitting    around    a    piano    but    by night’s end you will feel like old friends. Fortunate   to   have   caught   his   show   our   first night   on   Allure   Of   The   Seas   and   went   back every    night.    No    two    performances    were ever the same, he is truly gifted. ” Dauts Nc - Royal Caribbean Guest